In the first half of Wednesday’s match against NetworksThe dollars I played aimless at the end of the attack and struggled to put points on the board. They scored just 43 points in 17 out of 49, including 4 of 22 from behind the 3-point streak.

“We were so negative,” Giannis Antikonmo Said who scored nine points (3 of 10 shots) in the first half. “We used to pass the ball a lot.”

Lagging 11 in the first half, the Bucks in the second half became dramatically more decisive, and that aggressive start with the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player.

In 19 minutes into the second half, Antetokounmpo put on 34 points, including a perfect 7-for-7 shooting performance in the fourth quarter, to earn 43 points, 14 rebounds and five assists on the night and lead the Bucks to a 110-99 victory over the Brooklyn Nets. At 3-0, the dollars are NBAThe only team that was not defeated.

“For me personally, I have to play within my strengths,” Antetokounmue said. “I think I’ve been working a lot over these few years and during the summer, and I’m so eager to prove to myself that I can do what I’ve been working at and sometimes I think I don’t play my strength in it as much.

“But I kind of scratched it, and I think in the second half I (say) just, ‘Okay, I’m going to be myself and OK with that. “I just tried to drive as much as I could, find my teammates and get in the paint, get to the free-throw line and live there.”

before season, Antetokounmpo’s revelations the athlete That he wanted to try to start implementing the different skills he’d been perfecting over the past few seasons, including finding ways to succeed on the offensive end without taking massive physical toll on his body every night. That could mean using the jump shot and playing beyond often, as well as trying to get to the free throw line by selling a contact rather than playing through the bumps on the offensive end. In the first half of Wednesday’s game, he found that those thoughts left him hesitating.

“Playing in Europe during the summer, like you don’t have much time,” Antetokounmpo said, comparing his time with the Greek national team to Wednesday’s match. “You don’t have time to think, like you only have one chance. What gives you defense, you just have to take it. I feel like I’m in the NBA, you have a lot of space and sometimes you fall into the trap; there are so many things you can do, you want to do all the one thing at a time.”

In the second half Antetokounmpo simplified things and made his decision early in the property. He attacked and provided a 40-point performance in a second straight game.

“This is vintage Giannis,” Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said. “Tonight, that was the second half, he did everything. It was phenomenal. I think we had a really bad second quarter, and he came out strong and determined to put us in the right place. I think we really needed him offensively tonight. He drove, attacked him and found fissures. I thought we moved the ball a little bit more, and we had a little better spacing for him, so it’s hard to put the right words into how good he was during the second half.”

Antetokounmpo made 13 of his 15 shot attempts in the second half, but none of those shots were sunk. He was aggressive and physical to get into his spots, but when he got to the edge, he used his ever-improving touch and finishing skills to collect points and lead the Bucks to a double-digit comeback.

Look at this drive against Royce O’Neill at the start of the 14-4 bucks tie-breaker in the third quarter.

Antetokounmpo . uses Brooke LopezBrush screen To start driving, dip his shoulder to go around O’Neale and then take off his right foot to roll his right toe. The same footed end on the wrong side of the basket looked like something you’d expect from a Nets goalkeeper Keri Irving About the edge, not the 7-foot, 243-pound MVP twice.

Or what about the group that won the game 14-4 and tied the score at 64?

O’Neale prepared his body for a bump from Antetokounmpo and threw his head back in preparation to spruce up the connection that didn’t actually happen. Antetokounmpo made a fake pass to Bobby PortezWeave quickly to a baseline and scored from glass in a graceful finish featuring some beautiful footwork.

“He’s working on it,” Budenholzer said, when asked about Antetokounmpo’s ability to finish with more ingenuity. “I think there’s just adding layers to the final. He obviously has a lot of strength, he has a lot of finish with sinking and everything, but I think when he adds the touch, he adds those, I think he can have more and more. I think he gives Defense is another thing they have to think about and think about. It was impressive how it ended.”

Throughout his 10-year NBA career, opponents have been able to use Antetokounmpo’s aggressiveness against him and charge in the moments he’s trying to take over games as he did in the second half on Wednesday. But with improved self-control, Antetokounmpo can now utilize defense more effectively.

Instead of exploding Dyron Sharp (6 feet – 9, 265 lbs.) For position, Antetokounmpo pushed the ball with a transition to get Sharpe on his heels, slowed down, waited for Sharpe to try to clear the space between them and then was blown away by Sharpe like a youngster. Big man overrated. Antetokounmpo still takes a bump, but it was a lighter bump on the finish with his right hand.

The same principles were carried over to the fourth quarter when Antetokounmpo made all seven shot attempts and helped open a comfortable lead in the final minutes of the match.

In this fourth quarter possession, Antetokounmpo knew that the Nets would swap between him and Lopez, which means Nick Claxton He was making his way up the ground as he attacked the basket. Instead of hitting the block, bump, and spinning with Claxton, Antetokounmpo used his length, took one bump off Claxton and finished off the top with his right hand in the motion.

“At the end of the day, like I said, I want to play within my strengths,” said Antetokounmue. “And I don’t go with the mindset that I’m going to be more clever or I’m going to finish the glass or get the bump or fake pump and do all that. I just trust my instincts.

“I’m just trying to get to where I’ve been working on and then, I’ll figure it out. If the guys let me get to my jump hook, or if the guys let me fade out or if I could stand up and shoot from a dodge, I’d just try to pick one and go with it.” Instead of sometimes, I fall into the trap of trying to do everything together in one play. And that just isn’t possible.”

This mentality paired with the groove Antetokounmpo got by the end of the night allowed him to execute his best moves of the evening late in the match. His end bully ball against Ben Simmons (And the Subsequent irony on the road under the earthIt might get more headlines, but it was actually a move against that Kevin Durant Best offer to develop Antetokounmpo skills.

As Antetokounmpo has worked to diversify his game and take more snapshots, he has developed a treasure staple for the fadeaway game. It’s still not quite as subtle as he’d like, but he’s used to working on his feet and has figured out how to get rid of it in most situations, making it a useful tool. With isolation against Durant on the left side of the ground, Antetokounmpo had the perfect opportunity to use one of his favorite moves.

But Antetokounmpo responded. When he went for a spin toward the fading baseline, Durant knew the scout’s report and positioned himself to remove the fading. Durant was in a position to take out the meniscus guard, however, and took him out of position to cover Antetokounmpo if he kept his pivot foot and just finished off the edge. So, after a second to collect himself and re-establish his base, Antetokounmpo jumped toward the basket and finished off two of the cup.

While Antetokounmpo didn’t get the chance to do one of his trademark cups after a resounding dunk, his performance still left no room for doubt as to who was responsible for Wednesday’s game.


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