Writing plays a fundamental role in the production of texts. Thus, to have a good one, you must make proper use of punctuation marks, for example accents , capital letters and others, such as the at sign in HP Chromebook. But there are some foreign keyboards where it is difficult to mark these signs. Information on this is provided in the following lines.


  1. How to set my keyboard language on Chromebook so I can put special signs?
  2. How to access the special characters menu on a Chromebook laptop
    1. Methods to type the at sign with the keyboard of a Chromebook
    2. By means of a combination of keys Alt Gr
    3. Using ASCII code
  3. How to put accents on letters using my Chromebook keyboard?

How to set my keyboard language on Chromebook so I can put special signs?

Many may own a computer with some foreign stock and have a bit of trouble figuring out which ones to press in order to add accents and the at sign with those Chromebook keyboards. Will it be possible to do that? Yes it is. But keep in mind that all devices have default settings from HP.

You just have to access the settings and thus change the configuration of the Chromebook adapting it to the language that is required. In this way you can put the accent marks as in Word and other special spelling signs and the at sign. To do this, you must configure this, selecting EXTD which refers to the extended keyboard .

Once this step is done, you can mark the accents by pressing the ALT Gr + Chromebook character, that is, the letter which requires the tilde.

In the case of the at sign, the recommendation is to go to settings to change the language to Spanish in order to then use the ALT + 2 keys. The combination of these, pressed equally, allows you to easily add this to your Chromebook on your Laptop.

What kind of spelling special signs can I locate you with your Lenovo Laptop Chromebook US Extended Keyboard without using apps?

In the extended keyboard you can find the following special signs that we will show you below so that you can familiarize yourself with them:

Acute (´) Grave ( ̀) Tilde ( ̴) Circumflex (^) Umlaut / the same (´´) Cedilla (¸)

Combinations on the keyboard: These can be used with the help of your PC without having to go through so much process. To begin with, you should know that the Alt will be the most important among these unions, as well as the signs that we have given you.

With this extended US you can also make use of the combinations shown below to write specific characters on your Laptop.

As you can see, to all the combinations it is essential to put or use the Alt Gr , it is very easy to locate without applications, because it is identified and is located on the right side of the keyboard of your Lenovo Laptop.

How to access the special characters menu on a Chromebook laptop

In text production, if you don’t know how to locate or use accents and special orthographic signs, this can be a problem, especially if it is a foreign device. Fortunately, you will be able to modify the options of this or, so to speak, unlock the keyboard to add accents and the at sign of your Android. The easy way to do that is described here. To continue; the details:

Methods to type the at sign with the keyboard of a Chromebook

This option, found in the settings menu, allows you to make more technical adjustments or changes in order to resolve any issues with system tasks. Like for example configuring the Spanish keyboard to insert the accents and at sign on a Chromebook. You will have to put the icon of this same, and then Advanced settings of your Laptop or PC.

  • Go to Accessibility

This entry plays an important role because it reflects everything that this option implies and what can be done to manage the device. In this way, actions are carried out with the at sign and putting this is not difficult at all without applications.

  • Input method

This is located within the accessibility drop-down menu, where you will find everything related to the language of these keyboards to configure or put it on.

  • Input Method Management

In this option you can validate and determine the input method. The Spanish and Extended US keyboard tabs are validated indicating that these entries will be enabled on your Laptop or PC.

By means of a combination of keys Alt Gr

This one from your computer has various combinations that will make your stay here more fun and easy. To place accents there is also one of those that you can use if you have your Alt Gr key in good condition. To do this, just press this option adding the letter which you want to place a check mark on. That way you will see how the process was so simple.

Using ASCII code

Putting this action is not difficult, as simple as putting an at sign, do it the same way as if it were your Android phone. To start from turn on your computer and here search where you want or want to put such an accent. Remember that this code is used when you want some configuration, but you are missing something required. Then, you just have to use the action, it depends on what letter you want to put or what sign, here we have some:

  • á places “Alt” + “160”
  • he enters “Alt”+ “130”
  • í press «Alt»+ «161»
  • or press «Alt»+ «162»
  • ú click «Alt»+ «163»
  • ñ set “Alt”+ “164”
  • ü place «Alt»+ «129»
  • put “Alt”+ “173”

How to put accents on letters using my Chromebook keyboard?

This action is very easy to perform, you just have to press where the tilde is and then the vowel where you want to mark this accent. In the case of some signs, it is also simple, the Alt + 2 keys are pressed simultaneously and that’s it, you can use or put the at sign without problems in Chromebook on your Laptop or PC. This process is as easy as making it with your Android, try now.


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