Sasha Anne is an actress, singer, YouTube host and make-up artist. Recently, Vents Magazine was able to do an exclusive interview with Sasha about her career, the challenges she faced, and what the future holds for this young starlet.

  1. What is your inspiration behind becoming a musician? What made you think about starting a career in the field of music? Are you an audiophile and do you like spending time listening to music?

 I’ve always loved to sing. I’ve been singing on and off since I was 3 but got serious about it a few years ago. My inspiration to keep me going are from a bunch of different artists. It’s really just a passion of mine and the fact I can make it into a job is amazing. Music is my therapy. As I’ve said before, it’s the best drug. I love listening to music when I’m in an Uber, on the plane, or just discovering new sounds in my room. I wanted to continue making music because, when my followers say that they are happy when listening to my covers, that means the world to me. I just want to make people happy with my music and inspire. After someone listens to a song of mine or a cover, I want to leave them feeling hopeful.

  1. Which is your most favorite YouTube video? What are the reasons behind liking that video? Moreover, what factors made this video your prior choice?

  On YouTube I post cover songs, regular makeup tutorials, transformations and now my talk show. I would say that my Sally Nightmare before Christmas transformation is my favorite for makeup. I can’t say which talk show episode is my favorite yet because it’s still new and each episode gets even better. For my cover songs, I definitely love my cover of “Catch Me I’m Falling” but since it’s my remake I’m biased. I have so many favorites but for a Broadway song, I would say my favorite would be “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” That’s my favorite Broadway song I’ve posted because it’s challenging and I wanted to show people I can do it. I worked on that song for a few years and was finally ready to post it.

3. What is your advice for wannabe makeup artists? Which aspects or things need to be considered while starting makeup video recordings?

My advice is to start practicing on yourself and then go to a class to learn more. I started practicing on myself for hours in the bathroom. I do makeup every single day. You need to learn what’s best for your face. Everyone is different. Try different techniques and research too. For videos, I would ask others what they want to learn more about. If you don’t have the answer, watch videos yourself and research so you know what you’re doing before filming.

4. What made you decide to record the cover of “Catch me I’m falling”? What things did you like about that recording?

The way I got started with “Catch Me I’m Falling” was through a connection. They loved my original materials and I had the opportunity to do a remake. I’m so honored and thankful I was able to record it. Such an amazing experience. I loved that I was able to add my own touch to the song and was able to make it my own. I was able to add my own thoughts and feelings to it. I was really able to connect to the song. I love the meaning of it.

5. What are your favorite lyrics regarding this song? Also, tell us the reason behind liking that specific lyric.

My favorite lyrics are “you came into my life, the look in your eyes took me by surprise, it’s you and nobody else your love has made me so blind I can’t see.” To me it means that when someone comes into your life, and you fall in love with them you can’t see anyone else in that way. It’s like you put your everything into the relationship and you are on cloud 9.

6. Which is your most memorable makeup look? How did you find recording makeup tutorials?

                                                                                                                                                                         The one that people keep mentioning is my black swan makeup transformation I did. For some reason people still love it. For recording makeup tutorials, I just looked up videos on how to do it. I’m self taught. Just figured it out on my own.

7. Tell us something about your early life. What were the hurdles faced by you during your success journey?

 I’m dyslexic so it’s always been a challenge for me to memorize lines for acting but also it’s been a challenge expressing myself with words. I love acting, I can be a different person and no one sees that shy dyslexic girl. And I turn to music to express myself too. When I had cancer, that was a 6 month pause for me. I didn’t know what I had in life to offer but I just kept doing what I love to do. Being in treatment didn’t stop me. I graduated college, became a certified makeup artist, launched a nail polish collection and continued my videos.

8. What is the motivation behind becoming an anti-bullying advocate? What are the things that you learnt with this work experience? How did you persuade newcomers to continue working in that field?

After being bullied in middle school for having dyslexia, I wanted to help other kids and prevent them from experiencing bullies. I learned how strong children’s voices can be if they have the right support around them. I always encourage others to be themselves and to uplift others with positivity and encouragement.

9. What are your thoughts about doing the talk show on YouTube named as “The vibe with Sasha Anne”? How was the work experience? Did you find any difficulty during that show?

 I love my talk show “The Vibe with Sasha Anne” . It’s so cool that I for once get to be on the other side of interviewing. I’m usually on the red carpet being interviewed so it’s a good experience for me to be on the other side. I love researching and finding out what’s trending whether it’s beauty, fashion or entertainment. The hard part is sometimes I need to redo the filming 5 or 6 times. I won’t put anything out there if it’s not perfect. So if I lose daylight, I will go back to the hair salon the next day in the morning and film again before it gets dark.

10. Do you have any hidden talent? Our audience is quite keen to know about that talent. They want to know something you didn’t mention before. So, let us know that talent.

 I edit all my makeup tutorials myself and I film myself. I’m self taught with filming and editing.

11. Do you really enjoy doing the film “Reeds Point: Bad Blood never dies”? Tell us some interesting facts regarding this film. Additionally, point out the aspects that forced you to sign that film.

YES!! It was the best experience of my life. “I’ve never ever been happier.” I had to say that line from Euphoria. But I seriously had the best time ever. The whole cast and crew is my family and I can’t wait to get back on set. I didn’t know that it was such long hours of shooting. Literally from 7pm-6:15am. But I got through it. The adrenaline kept everyone going.

12. How does your personality relate to your role in the film? Is there any similarity between your real personality and character in that film?

My character, Sarah Franklin, is very similar to me. We are both ambitious, love to get to the bottom of things and nothing will get in the way. We also are not athletic. I cannot run haha. But we are both very loving and caring for our friends.

13. We have seen your performances in different roles and you made astounding progress. Among being an actor, a makeup artist and musical artist, Can you tell us one role you are most obsessive about?

Thank you so much. I’m so happy you can see I’ve made great progress. I can’t decide between the 3. I love them all for different reasons but they all go hand in hand. I can do my own makeup on set. When I’m singing, I need to tell a story so I’m acting as well.

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