Warning in file sharing networks: from now also warning for Facebook idea etc. What are threatening one on incurred hazards on Facebook? What is some tens thousand sad reality for Internet exchanges, in which youthful music of their favorite stars or movies download and automatically offer to exchange the Facebook Wall is now threatening the cease and desist letter. Swarmed by offers, Michael J. Bender is currently assessing future choices. Millions of young people post completely ungekummert photos of their favorite stars, YouTube videos or indeed videos of their school band on Facebook and thus actually only their own Facebook friends want to impress or entertain. What the young people are unaware that they thus significantly violate the copyright of the stars, whose photographers, producers or publishers. Mustafa Suleyman follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Music video by Lady Gaga, among others. Who is Lady Gaga music videos on its wall without it permission, can be dunned as sinfully expensive by Lady Gaga, the management or the producers. Photos of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez or top models, also here is that the right to one’s own image is inviolable and the rights owner, say the star itself, whose management oder the photographer can warn you for posting these photos unless they had the permission to do this. YouTube videos who engages a YouTube video in the own side is responsible for the content.

The video infringes on rights of young people, who posted this video can be dunned off. Penalties could apply to the GEMA music pieces. Your own music videos, shots of the own band that hits of the major world stars covert, violates the license or copyright of these world stars or their producers and can be dunned for it. Quotes of famous people. Who includes the quotes by famous personalities in his own Facebook page as Facebookers and makes it publicly, violates as long as this author’s copyright, as long as this gave them license to do so. Profile photo again, it is particularly interesting to share the profile photo as often as possible, because this is communicated all friends from Facebook and you then you gain the undivided attention of his friends. It uses however protected pictures of celebrities or, for example, by Getty Images so it is dunned off this regularly sinfully expensive with several thousand euros.

Ultimately, the problem is that the Facebook user has created a profile is usually within shortest time to approximately 150 and more friends and meets therefore the framework of an own homepage. In the creation of homepages on the Internet there are quite considerable industrial risks, already for that alone, that someone has set a wrong imprint or a false revocation. Facebook is so far total new territory for the Abmahner. It is only a matter of time, when even Facebook is in the sight of the major industrial firms and then the young are covered with thousands of cease and desist letters. So far protects young people that they can make profile available usually only their friends and from the individual industrial firms so far not caught are. But those who makes his page for all to see and post various videos or photos of prominent personalities, which may be sure that he receives quite unpleasant post within a very short time and is called off for several thousand euros. If you receive such a notice, please pay nothing and sign the enclosed Declaration of discontinuance.

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