If you make a living as a musician, you probably often wonder how to make money off of music. You are far from the only one asking this question. Many people want to make 10K a month and have no idea how to do it. You might like what you do, but it’s hard to pay the rent or buy groceries if you don’t have some source of music industry income.

How to make money from your music? This may take some creativity as your music career starts from scratch.

These ideas will help you get started.

Making money from music

Most of these ideas aren’t groundbreaking, and you’ve probably already thought about some of them. But the key to surviving as a paid musician is bringing them all together. Here’s how:


This platform is the most popular way to earn money. You can not only monetize your business from money from YouTube itself and advertising, but also promote your brand. You can create different types of content such as covers, demo versions of your songs, music videos, vlogs from your life as a musician and much more.

Play live

Playing live is the obvious choice when it comes to making money as a musician. Of course, unless you have a great deal of proven track record in attracting your audience, you’re not in the perfect position to charge large fees. It takes time to build it. All of this helps, and even if you come home with $ 15, take a long-term view and take each low-paying gig as a step towards increasing your earning potential.

Sell ​​your music

Well, duh, you think. Of course, you should sell your music, but the most important thing is to make sure your fans don’t have to look far to find it.

Digital distribution is a must, whether you are going through an aggregator that puts your music online, or you are approaching the services yourself, one by one. Selling music at shows is also important. You can sell CD-Rs at trade shows as long as you properly price them and make it clear that they are CD-Rs when you sell them.

If you are pushing for physical copies, check your local CD stores to load them onto your shipment (some stores also accept CD-Rs).

Sell ​​Merch

Diversifying what you sell will increase your earning potential. Create your own T-shirts, buttons and badges, stickers and other merchandise and sell them in your programs and on your website. Merchandise works especially well at shows, when your fans have just seen you play and are all drawn in spirit. As long as you keep your costs down, the commodity can give your income a nice little increase.

Play other people’s music

The talents that you hope will enable you to pursue a career in playing music will help you make ends meet until the day where you can only play your own songs. A session musician working for other musicians can help you bridge your funding gap and earn extra money. As a bonus, you will hone your own skills and meet people who can create opportunities for you.

Take a 10k loan

Of course, if you are a musician, your credit history and creditworthiness is hardly ideal. In such cases you can apply online and get $10,000 loan with bad credit. COMPACOM online personal loans for bad credit are a perfect match here. If you urgently want to make 10K in a month, you can fill out a form on the site of your chosen lender and get a loan for the amount you need. To obtain such a loan, you need only one document – an ID card. Upon receipt of a positive decision, the funds will be credited to your account within one business day.

Complete the Musical Odd Jobs

Okay, the idea is to get away from your daily work, but if you need extra money, doing something related to music – even if it’s not specific to your music – is a good choice.

As with session musicians, the idea is to use your knowledge and talents to help other musicians (and get paid for it). Are you a great producer? Get some studio work. Are you a professional at booking shows? Do it for other musicians. Do you have design skills? Whether covers or websites for musicians or music-related companies. Use your musical skills to put extra money in your pocket.

More ideas for earning money as a musician

Combine these ideas with the ideas above for a plan that will really help you earn enough money to quit your job.

Promotion, promotion, promotion

Your ability to earn a living as a musician depends largely on your ability to promote music. You need to make sure people know about your music, where they can get it when you play, and so on. Not sure where to start?

These tips will help:

  • promote your social media: IG, YouTube, Twitter
  • create a promotional package

It’s easy to get into the music industry, so it’s always a good idea to write things down. If you do not understand a specific offer, ask for advice before placing the pen on the paper. Writing music doesn’t have to involve large lawyers’ bills. Everyone’s situation and goals are different, and ultimately, the only person who can really decide if it’s time to go full-time as a musician is you.

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