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Allee-Center is 30 years old, and for its birthday, at least it’s upgrading the interior. That everything changes.

Hamm – “Seats are very important,” says an older customer who has been visiting the Allee-Center since it opened 30 years ago. Seating furniture was at the top of the upgrade wish list, and not just for a regular customer The head of the center is Markus Haas.

Part of the works in the round year of the birthday have already been completed, and it is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2023. The layout of the store premises remains unchanged.

Internet as competition: the center must remain “up to date”.

Of course, you have to keep updating a center that started before the e-commerce boom,” says Haas. At the end of the day, retail should remain an experience. In addition to service, the quality of the stay plays an essential role. The operating company ECE is working on it with the motto “At your service” (German: at your service) at this time and elsewhere.

From a wooden classroom to a lounge area: instead of wooden benches, there are now sofas and designer armchairs, including charging stations where an elderly lady sat down. Huge ceiling lights with a diameter of up to two meters “float” above their heads. The old floor covering has been removed and replaced with herringbone parquet islands – the shopping atmosphere of the XXL living room.

A play area and a friendlier look

A children’s area has been created a few meters from the rotunda. The play stations are designed to keep kids between three and ten years old from getting bored before they head off to the next store. There must be no shortage of mandatory television, during which children’s films must be shown.

Some things customers won’t notice at first glance, like the new wall paint or the interlaced A and C foil for Allee-Center. On the other hand, the new color scheme of the parking lots and the orientation instructions that run from here through the entire building are brighter.

It should be brighter and friendlier upon arrival, Haas says. All 1,300 parking spaces have been preserved. Modernized toilets, customer lockers, a new stage and digital signage leading to stores via QR codes are also part of the modernization drive. “Nice shell optimization,” as Haas puts it.

From the outside, everything remains as it is

Outside, the building material remains as is. The blanks or the outer shell will not change. The center is clearly laid out and customers can easily find their way around. “You can’t build a better center,” Haas says. Haas did not provide any information on the amount of the investment.

It holds the inner city and the center of the Allee as a unit. Centers are not responsible for discontinuing certain products. He sees B-tween’s future primary function as enrichment. For example, he would like toys for the center in the future. A smaller range of groceries is also available – for non-weekend shopping. “But we’re already in a very good position here,” says Haas. Currently, four vacancies are not unusual.



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