The best gifts and toys for 5-year-olds should acknowledge their developmental milestones. Many 5-year-olds can tell simple stories using full sentences, count to 10 or beyond, copy geometric shapes, and maybe even draw a person with accurate body parts. They probably have friends, and might like to sing and dance, skip, climb, and somersault. It’s bye-bye diapers (because your kid is using the potty), hello books, and, if you’re lucky, the start of table manners. It stands to reason that gifts should play to their strengths, and include toys that encourage them to explore the big, wide world around them.

The experts at the National Association for the Education of Young Children have a few guidelines for choosing the best gifts for 5-year-olds. Kids this age have longer attention spans than toddlers; they ask a lot of questions and like to experiment with toys. And they now get the hang of playing with friends, and maybe even know how to share. The gift you choose for the 5-year-olds in your life should reflect that. Some of the best kids books of all time are great, but when it comes to the holidays, toys are still king.

A Guide to Buying Gifts for 5-year-olds

  • Child-sized “real” toys like play food sets, and kitchens
  • Dress-up toys for pretend play
  • Blocks that snap together and building blocks
  • Construction and transportation toys
  • Ride-on toys and toys that promote physical activity
  • Creative toys, like paints and chalk, as well as modeling clay

From toy cars to interactive pets to STEM toys, there’s plenty on this list to excite any kindergartener.

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The Best Creative Play Toys for 5-Year-Olds


Open Play Construction Set by Plus Plus

This set encourages explorative play with 300 basic pieces, 100 neon pieces, a baseplate, and an idea guide to get their creativity going. All of the pieces connect and allow kids to create whatever they can dream up. You can make mosaics or 3D shapes or detailed buildings and cars.


Builder Construction Set by Brio

This brilliant 136-piece set is the ultimate in open-ended play, with a nice STEM edge. Kids use the pieces to build whatever they think up. A car-caboose-plane that on wheels? Sure. Why not?


Cat Parade Gel Crayons

Magnetic Foam Building Blocks by Blockaroo

Kids learn about gravity and balance when they play with these soft, foam magnetic blocks, which click together, rotate 360-degrees, and always attract to each other. It’s wonderful open-ended play, with only kids’ creativity to guide them. Bonus: They’re dishwasher-safe.


Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Dollhouse

Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run by Learning Resources

Marble runs are great, but generally too complex for younger kids. Here’s an exception. This one has 14 magnetic foam pieces so little kids can create a marble run for their four marbles. They can either follow activity cards, or use their imagination.


Detective Set by Plan Toys

Where in the world is the missing family cat? Encourage your kids to engage in pretend play with this detective kit, which includes a walkie talkie, camera, periscope, and the eye glasses as miniature Hercule Poirots and Miss Marples figure out who hid Spot, and when, and why.


Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run by Hape

It’s a water slide that’s a castle that’s actually a marble run. Because there are endless possibilities for re-configuring the layout, this marble run never gets boring. And it’s also fast as all getout. Meaning, kids have a blast with some of the best hands-on STEM action we’ve seen.


City Holiday Camper Van Building Kit by Lego

‘Tis the season for road trips, so have kids build this camper, which has a furnished interior featuring a table, kitchenette and sleeping area. And the roof is removable.


Duplo Classic Deluxe Brick Box by LEGO

These’s absolutely no rules for playing with this box of bricks. Just build. And build some more. Kids get 85 colorful bricks in a slew of cool shapes.


City Space Mars Research Shuttle by Lego

Budding astronauts will dig this 237-piece kit, letting them build a Mars rover with an articulated grappling arm to retrieve geodes.


Woodland Animal Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up by Mudpuppy

No more messy paper dolls. Instead, stick magnetic outfits on this ballerina, which comes with a slew of different clothing options and magnetic backgrounds. It’s a perfect travel toy too. This set is totally on point. The updated version of paper dolls includes three sheets of interchangeable magnets.


Emergency Services HQ by Hape

Kids get a police station and a fire station, for endless amounts of open-ended imaginary play and practice with problem-solving. Bonus: The fire engine has a hydrant, a movable ladder, a movable hatch, and a siren. Hape’s toys never disappoint, and this detailed set includes a station, an opening bridge, a pylon bridge, a fire engine, a police car, three figurines (police officer, firefighter, and criminal), a two-carriage freight train, 14 road tracks, and 10 wooden rail tracks.


The Best STEM and Educational Toys for 5-Year-Olds


GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe by Educational Insights

By age five, kids become intensely curious about the world around them. This interactive globe is a delight. Kids get 10 hours of audio; they just touch the pen to the globe to measure distances, hear cool facts, and explore each body of land and water.


Beaker Creatures Monsterglow Lab by Learning Resources

A very cool and engaging STEM set, which has kids making glowing slime, cobwebs, and bubbles. There are 10 experiments total.


The Amazing Tightrope-Walking Gyrobot by Thames & Kosmos

Kids build a gyrobot who does many cool things, like walk on their fingers, walk on the tightrope, and balance on a small rod. Physics in action.


Botley The Coding Robot 2.0 by Learning Resources

The new and improved Botley can be programmed to follow a sequence of up to 150 steps, and can be transformed into a train, police car, and ghost. It lights up and plays music. And does it all without the use of screens.


Science 4 You Green Science Kit by PlayMonster

Perfect for beginner readers, this kit includes 15 experiments that are incredibly easy to follow. Kids go outdoors, explore nature, and launch a recycled rocket or make their own solar oven.


First Robot Pet Shop by Thames & Kosmos

Another fantastic option for early readers, this set comes with a storybook and has an illustrated guide that empowers young inventors with detailed step-by-step assembly instructions as they build eight motorized models of the robots from the story, including an owl, french bulldog, sloth, panda, chameleon, cat, turtle, and rabbit.


Junior Metal Detector for Kids by National Geographic

Hunting for buried treasure never gets old. And it gets kids outdoors. Up the ante with this working metal detector, which has 7.5-inch dual coil that is waterproof. Plus, the sensitivity is adjustable and it detects objects up to inches underground.


Pendulonium STEM Challenge by Learning Resources

Motion, force, and velocity become not just accessible, but fun, with this set, as kids swing the pendulum and see what happens. They’re entirely in control of the strength of the swing, since there are no batteries involved.


Break-Open Geodes by National Geographic

A hands-on experiment in the natural sciences that will thrill aspiring geologists — and all 5-year-olds. This geode-busting kit from National Geographic lets kids break open rocks to discover the crystals growing within. The kit includes 10 premium geodes, goggles, a learning guide and three nifty display stands.


Circuit Explorer Rover by Educational Insights

Another ingenious screen-free toy, this one has kids building a working communication station, with a rotating radar dish and a rover charger and space rover. It’s a modular toy that’s a perfect blend of STEM and open-ended play.


Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos

The quality of this crystal growing kit sets it apart. It comes with a sturdy lab setup including real scientific tools like a beaker, test tube, and centrifuge, and supplies to complete 11 different experiments. It teaches kids patience, because crystals don’t just grow overnight. But they sure are satisfying when they do.


Design & Drill Space Circuits by Educational Insights

Using a kid-friendly drill, bolts, a battery pack, a circuit board and connectors, starter engineers work on their problem-solving skills by completing 20 space-themed missions to build circuits that really make lights turn on and things spin around.


Design & Drill SparkleBot by Educational Insights

We’re not quite sure about the whole sparkle thing, but that aside, this is one cool ‘bot. It has a swiveling head, arms, and upper body, all of which can be customized. To that end, the set includes a kid-safe mini-screwdriver, 15 colorful bolts, and decorative sparkle stickers. Kids work on their motor skills as they screw in bolts.


Geomag Magnetic Toys by Geomagworld

Made entirely from recycled plastic, this hands-on STEM kit is filled with magnetic sticks/rods, non-magnetic balls, triangles, squares and pentagons. So kids learn about shapes, colors, and how to put stuff together so it makes sense. It’s as open-ended as you can get.


Magic Bean Garden by Creativity for Kids

Let kids get messy in the best way possible as they grow a magic bean garden; they just need to add water. The kit includes paints (to personalize their planter, of course), a planter, a paint brush, potting mix, and three magic beans.


The Best Active Toys for 5-Year-Olds


Wooden Wobble Balance Board by Kinderfeets

The simplest toys are often the best, because they ignite kids’ imaginations. Such as this inch wobble board. Sure, it teaches kids about balance. But it’s also a tunnel or a bridge or a house or a fort. It has a weight limit of 480 pounds, which means you’ll get years of use out of it.


Sky Nook
Fat Brain Toys

T-Ball Mike Trout Series Glove by Rawlings

Your child might not be ready for the Major League, but he or she has a better shot at getting there with the right gear. This Trout-approved T-Ball glove is stitched from soft pigskin leather for a broke-in feel from first catch.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Mixy Squish Deluxe Pack by Horizon Group

Look, there’s something insanely satisfying about squishies. You mold them and squish them and you feel better. This set lets kids make their own, out of air-dried clay, adding unique accents like glitter.


Make Your Own: Birdhouse by Toysmith

Warm weather is here and it’s time for kids to be outdoors. As much as possible. So have them decorate a custom birdhouse, using the paintbrush and four colors of paint.


Expo Scooter by Mongoose

The Mongoose scooter has an extra-wide foot deck, which makes it ideal for anyone needing a little confidence boost because it’s more stable and easier to coast with. It has handlebar brakes, and sturdy tires for uneven surfaces. The maximum weight is 220 pounds.


The Best Artistic Toys for 5-Year-Olds


Social Stationery Kit by STMT

Kids can practice their writing skills by creating custom cards to send to family and friends. The set includes a foil glue pen, for doodles and designs, and six wooden stamps that say things like thank you and love.


Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet by Crayola

Kindergarten-age kids can work on their letters and numbers on this reusable board, which lights up when kids draw on it with gel markers. And suddenly practicing writing their names, or drawing the family cat, becomes that much more fun.


Mega Slime Kit by National Geographic

Slime is gross. Slime is magical. And now, under your watchful eye, kids can make their own, and experiment with all the wondrous varieties out there. We’re talking premade magnetic putty, fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark putty, liquid slime, color-changing putty, snotty slime, bouncing putty and DIY slime lab. Clean-up is all you.


Glow In The Dark Rock Painting Kit by Creativity for Kids

The rocks get painted however your kids want to pain them. And then, they glow in the dark, instantly elevating any sleepover or outdoor gathering. A picture perfect art kit that includes 10 rocks.


Create with Clay Dinosaurs by Creativity for Kids

Kids bring the mighty T. rex, triceratops, and stegosaurus to life by covering plastic fossils with molding clay. The set includes three plastic dinosaur skeletons, five types of clay, plus molding tools and wiggly eyes.


Paper Bowl Kit by Craft-tastic

Using only paper and glue, kids make these amazing bowls to hold all their random items. Creativity in action.


Butterfly Friends Wooden Bead Set by Melissa & Doug

Kids have to focus and concentrate as they use the 120 beads and five cords to conceptualize, design, and put together necklaces. It’s a great blend of pure creativity and motor skill finesse.


Make a Fox Friend by Craft-tastic

This kit is easy enough for young kids to use, and helps them learn to follow directions and learn handy skills like basic stitching. The kit lets kids make their very own fox stuffie with clothes and accessories to mix and match.


Deluxe Magic Set by Melissa & Doug

A magic kit ideal for younger kids: This one shows them how to perform some great sleights of hand, including making a ball disappear, and a coin vanish. The instructions are super-easy to follow.


Sparkle N’ Grow Butterfly Terrarium by Creativity For Kids

This set comes with everything botanists need to create their very own butterfly terrarium. It starts to grow in just five days.


3D Pen Set for Kids by 3Doodler

An ingenious 3D art pen, designed with no hot parts, this one lets artists bring bikes and butterflies and mermaids and dogs to life in three-dimensional designs. It encourages creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding.


Monthly Sticker Subscription Box by Pipsticks

What’s better than stickers? Stickers that arrive every single month, that’s what. Kids get a load of various stickers, plus paper and a pouch.


Player One Voice Recorder by Brandnewnoise

What looks like a funky wooden box is actually a very cool voice recorder, which picks up sounds including singing, talking, and storytelling, and then plays it back. Either in slow, fast, or regular mode.


Grow ’n Glow Terrarium by Creativity for Kids

You see growth after about four days, and the kit comes with everything you need for two full plant life cycles, including a plastic mason-style jar, potting mix, organic chia and wheat grass seeds, garden figurines, decorative sand, river stones and a plant mister.


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