In our restaurant ConTanima we want to create suspense, play on false expectations to surprise the customer. We use this game to create a different experience than usual. A stimulant, not a classic dinner where everything is already known.

For us it is very important to present a tasting itinerary at the end of which to feel full, not exhausted and tired from the excess food on offer. For example, we only serve bread as an accompaniment to certain dishes chosen by us and the presence of carbohydrates in the menu is reduced, although we are in Italian territory and work mainly with products from some of its regions.

Having already had a risotto on the menu, it was too much for us to offer classic pasta and that’s where the idea of ​​inserting this was born. tagliolini, made only with cardoncelli mushrooms. The aim is to surprise and at the same time keep the proposal “balanced”.


The glass structure that houses the restaurant ConTamina

Tagliolino, mushrooms and aged stracchino

Recipe for 4 people

1 kg large cardoncelli mushrooms
1.5 kg of waste and small cardoncelli mushrooms
100 g koji rice
about 1 liter of water
50g soft chickpea miso
1 sprig of thyme
20 g pea shoyu
100 g “Strack 40” Azienda Agricola Foradori
150 g fresh cream
100g butter
25 g fruity sage (a special type of sage produced by our supplier Harald Gasser – Aspinger Raritäten)
25 g of lemon thyme leaves
red wood sorrel leaves

for the “tagliolini”
Select about 1 kg of large, firm cardoncelli mushrooms. Cut the mushrooms with a slicer lengthwise to a thickness of 1 mm. Then cut them into julienne strips about 1 mm wide.


Matteo Taccini

for the amazake (Japanese drink made from fermented rice)
Mix 100 g of rice koji with 100 ml of water and ferment at 60°C for 8 hours. Filter the mixture, recovering only the liquid part and freeze.

for the mushroom broth
Grill 500 g of cardoncelli mushroom scraps with a drizzle of oil in a pan, grilling them well. Deglaze the mushrooms with the pea shoyu (refermented sauce) and add 1 liter of cold water. Simmer for 2 hours and leave for about half an hour without the heat. Bring back to 85°C, add 50 g of chickpea miso previously dissolved in a little broth and leave to infuse a sprig of thyme for about 10 minutes. Filter the liquid.

for the aged stracchino cream
Mix 100 g of strack 40 fromForadori Farm, 150 g of fresh cream in a Thermomix and bring to 100°C. Mix everything at maximum speed for 4 minutes, then filter and let the cream cool.

for lactofermented mushroom water
Freeze 1 kg of cardoncelli scraps, in order to break the fibres, and thaw them by recovering their water. Weigh the mushrooms and the resulting water and add 2% of their weight in sea salt. Launch lactofermentation until a pH of 3.8 is obtained. Filter the liquid obtained and freeze to stop the lactofermentation.

for the flavored butter
Coarsely chop 25 g of fruity sage and 25 g of lemon thyme with a knife. Add the mixture to 100 g of butter and put it under vacuum to infuse for 8 hours at 85°C. Filter and let cool.

Heat a frying pan with a drizzle of oil and add 400 g cardoncelli mushrooms cut into julienne strips, salt and stir vigorously so as not to stick to the bottom. Once tender, add the mushroom broth, the amazake and the lacto-fermented water (to regulate the acidity) and reduce the liquid in the pan.

Once the desired consistency and flavor has been achieved, stir in the aromatic butter over the heat. Spread a nest of tagliolini, pour over a little hot stracchino sauce and finish by decorating with red wood sorrel leaves.

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